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iMagic Survey Designer

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iMagic Survey Designer

Create respect through understanding


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into deep understanding

It's a challenge to make complex decisions. The impact of making a mistake can have significant cost and pain to those affected. What if we could measure our assumptions before we make those decisions?

Enter iMagic Survey Designer, a software survey system designed to gather a deeper understanding of people that are important to you. From survey design, to collecting and analyzing results. Our software puts you in a position of knowledge where you can confidently make decisions based on measured data.

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What is iMagic Survey Designer?

It's a survey software system. It's used for designing surveys, collecting and analyzing results. 

What do I do if I have a question?

Connect with is via our support page - Contact Us.

What do I get when I purchase iMagic Survey Designer?

After purchase you'll be emailed a "keycode" and download link to the full version. You'll want to download the full version and enter in the keycode to register it. You'll also be able to use our support forums for any technical help and receive all updates for a year.

Can we install iMagic Survey Designer on our own server?

Yes! We understand that you may not be able to have or want your surveys on public servers. We offer a Server Edition where you can collect surveys either on your own webserver or internal intranet. 

What are the system requirements?

iMagic Survey Designer client will run on any PC running the latest version of Windows 10. The Server Edition requires PHP/MySQL which is freely available and on most webservers.

Survey Design

Design your survey. Desktop application for fast interaction. Unlimited questions. Multiple question types. Question logic. Instruction text. Reordering and more.

Survey Data Collection

Unlimited respondents. Automatic date stamp. Publish to web. Manual or web data entry. Private or public surveys. Quick sort on response. View individual responses and more.

Survey Response Analysis

Fast desktop application for analysis. Fast view of percentages and totals. View base response data. Built-in filters. Automatic quantitative data in chart form. Export to CSV and more.


1 PC

$ 199

Each license is per-computer. 1 license lets you run on 1 PC at once.

  • Prices are one-time costs.
  • Pricing includes 1 year of support and upgrades, you can optionally renew after that time.
  • After purchase you'll receive an email with a download link to the full version and an activation Keycode, when you enter the Keycode into the full version it will activate.


$ 399

Host surveys on your own server.

  • Maintain privacy with your control.
  • Source code included create custom changes.
  • Includes a 1 PC client license.

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