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Keeping the connection with your guests can be a challenge. There are so many issues to track that time becomes scarce. There isn't any enjoyment gained from being constantly busy. You still need to create quality work, but where can you make the extra time?

Enter iMagic Hotel Reservation, a software system designed to make your daily tasks fast while keeping you connected to your guests. From housekeeping, group bookings, reservations, guests and marketing, to management decisions on room pricing, extras and discounts. Our software puts your ducks in a row so you and your guests can experience the beauty of connection.

Customer reviews

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I am enjoying the program and find it very easy to navigate.

Diane Lauzon - MB


We TOTALLY rely on iMagic for our business!

Elisse Clark - WV, United States


We have been use it over six years. It is a great reservation software for my motel. easy to use. and excellent service.

Howard Kang - VA, United States



What is iMagic Hotel Reservation?

It's an hotel management software system. It's used for managing guests, reservations, housekeeping, group bookings, tracking payments and so on. It’s customizable so you can set it up how you like and need it.

What do I do if I have a question?

Please Contact Us.

What do I get when I purchase iMagic Hotel Reservation?

After purchase you'll be emailed a "pin code" and download link to the full version. You'll want to download the full version and enter in the pin code to register it. You'll also be able to use our support forums for any technical help and receive all updates for a year.

Does iMagic Hotel Reservation support multiple users?

Yes! You can setup multiple users with logins and use iMagic Hotel Reservation on multiple PCs, each sharing the same central database.

What are the system requirements?

iMagic Hotel Reservation will run on any PC running the latest version of Windows 10. If you're looking for another platform or cloud based you may want to consider our Cloud Based Hotel Reservation Software.

Reservation Management

Manage reservations, avoid double bookings, booking status, extra charges, tax, color coding, notes, custom fields and more.

Room Management

Track room availability automatically, charge types, seasonal and standard rates, multiple room bookings and more.

Guest Services

Automated guest list, guest billing history, recurring guests, contacts, quick find, importing, sorting and more.


Built in reports, track business performance, analysis reservations, guest lists, reservation reports, in house, payments and more.


1 PC

$ 299

Each license is per-computer. 1 license lets you run on 1 PC at once.

  • Prices are one-time costs.
  • Pricing includes 1 year of support and upgrades, you can optionally renew after that time.
  • After purchase you'll receive an email with a download link to the full version and an activation Pin code, when you enter the Pin into the full version it will activate.

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