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Stock reordering questions

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:25 pm    Post subject: Stock reordering questions Reply with quote

Sort of makes sense. I can see there are different pricing types set up (Fixed/AUC etc) and the need to record pricing history.

So, if the most recent item purchase price is not displayed in the Item Details, how do I find it? Can't work that out. I also can't see any benefit of the Item Details price being the first one you ever entered? What purpose does this perform. If I am running fixed price and just want the most recent, then I would have thought that is where is would be displayed?

Also, there is an issue with the Receive Stock screen not taking in to account the Preferred Vendor. See attached screen shots:

Screen shot 10 (Item Details) shows this part 6K638 has 2 vendors with the preferred vendor as Karcraft.

Screen shot 11 (Receive Stock) shows when I bring up the item it shows the Bull Motif details - last purchase price was 0.50 from them (plus Main Warehouse NONE which is not used and and confusing). The received price at the bottom is the Karcraft last purchase price 0.35.

Screen shot 12 When I filter the Vendor (as this stock was received from Karcraft) it does not bring up the item.

Screen shot 13 When I select Bull Motif as the Vendor it comes up.

So if receive a stock order from Karcraft, even selecting them as Vendor, some parts don't come up if there is another Vendor listed, even if not preferred.

With this part, the latest purchase price is now 0.35 and I bought 2. Stock level is updated correctly, but as per first question above, where is the latest pricing recorded?

Extra Info, I just checked another part and it appears iMagic is looking at vendors alphabetically. With Screen shot 14, part number 6K853, the other Vendor is Minispares, but Karcraft is the preferred. When I select Karcraft if comes up, if I select Minispares, it does not.

With Screen shot 15 you can see it comes up with the Karcraft price (as listed in Item Details) at the bottom (0.95), but is pulling 0.75 next to product details from somewhere? No idea where that is coming from as the other price is 1.00. Could be an old price but where are these stored?

Thanks for your responses by the way. I am just trying to streamline my business and stock management/invoicing has been an ongoing issue.

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Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 2435

PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Alan,

I'm going to try and answer this by numbering questions, if I miss anything, please let me know and I'll address that. Smile

1. What is the preferred vendor?
The preferred vendor is used as a default in certain situations, such as certain reports. You can still use other vendors.

2. What is the 'None' Location?
Each Warehouse has a default Location, under certain situations if the system can't use a particular Location you will be notified and it will use the default. If you don't want to see this then you can hide it under Configure > Preferences. It will then only show if stock has been moved into it. Or you can rename it to your most common Location.

3. What is Inventory > Receive Stock used for?
This Receive Stock option is for manual receiving of stock. The other option is automated receiving of stock, where the reorder is tracked and then marked as received. The manual option just updates the stock level, unless you've also enabled the recording of receiving stock...

4. Where can I see the manual receiving of stock that has been recorded?
If you're manually receiving stock and you've enabled recording (Configure > Manual Receive Stock) then the information will be stored under 'Vendors > View Your Reorders' as though you had created a Reorder.

You have three options here, just receive stock and it will update the stock level. Create Vendor Reorders, then mark them as received when they come in. Or wait until stock is received, then retrospectively record that reorder.

5. Why on Receive Stock if a selected Vendor is the item not showing?
I'm going to mark this as a bug. Technically it's using the older Vendor ordering system we had which only allowed for a single Vendor. This is confusing and I think the best option is that it should search for the Preferred Vendor instead. I'll have this updated, thanks for the feedback.

6. Where is the Purchase Price saved on Receive Stock?
If you have this option enabled, then it will save into the Vendor reordering Vendors > View Your Reorders. This can then be viewed in the various Vendor reports. You'd generally use this with the Item Pricing System to track the Purchase price in order to set the Sale Price. But it might also just be used in the reporting to record those purchase cost figures.

7. On Inventory > Receive Stock, where is the Purchase price coming from?
The Purchase Price on this list is the first match it finds from a Vendor. The idea is that the search is to find the correct item to Receive Stock for. Compare this to the 'Inventory > Find Item'. I agree it would make more sense to show the Preferred Vendor's Purchase Price here, or simply remove it.

Regards, John
iMagic Soft Support
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