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Custom Invoice - Tags

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:46 am    Post subject: Custom Invoice - Tags Reply with quote

iMagic Inventory allows you to create invoices with your own layout in Microsoft Word, these are called 'Custom Invoices'. In each invoice you can add 'Tags', these are replaced by iMagic Inventory with the appropriate information when the invoice is created.

If a Tag does not appear to be working then first check that you have the latest version of iMagic Inventory. You can check and download updates by selecting from the main menu 'Help > Check Web for Updates'.

A tag might be <invoicedate> which is replaced with the date of the invoice.

Several example custom invoices are installed, such as InvoiceTemplate.doc, these can be modified as required, or used as a basis to create new templates.

The tags currently available are:

(for the customer)
<firstname> <lastname>
<city> <state>
<shiptofirstname> <shiptolastname>
<shiptocity> <shiptostate>

(for the invoice)
<subshippingtotal> sub total + shipping
<ponumber> - The Manual Purchase Order Number
<createduser> - if you're the User Access feature to track either users or sales people creating invoices then this tag would indicate who created the invoice.

The section that lists the items is a special case since it contains multiple tags for each item (ie name, price, quantity), as such you need to start it with the tag:

and end it with the tag:

Between those two tags you can use the following tags:
<quantity> - quantity ordered.
<itemno> - the item's reference number.
<linenumber> - a unique number that counts the number of "lines" or entries on the invoice. Useful for referencing when dealing with customer enquiries.
<name> - the item's name.
<description> - item description.
<purchaseprice> - item's purchase price field.
<ourprice> - sale price from selected Price List.
<tax> - tax name used for this item.
<totalprice> - quantity x ourprice + tax .
<totalpretax> - quantity x ourprice.
<uniquecode_list> - Any Unique Tracking Codes from Item Tracking.
<location> - of the item added.
<warehouse> - warehouse the location is in.
<vendor_businessname> - default vendor for item.
<discount> - total discount for item.
<barcode> - barcode in number form.
<barcode_image> - barcode in picture form.
<picture> - picture set for the item.
<discountpercentage> - calculated discount percentage of item, to the nearest whole number.
<unit> - the quantity in stock unit measurement, ie boxes, cartons, weight etc.
*item custom fields* You can also add in any Custom Item Fields you might have added by putting the name of the custom field inside <>. So if the custom field is called "Rating" then the tag would be <Rating>.

So an example of this section would be:
<quantity> <itemno> <name> <ourprice> <tax> <totalprice>

By default example custom invoices are installed, for Windows 10 they can be found in the folder:
Documents\iMagic Inventory\Templates

For older Windows XP/7/8 they can be found here:
My Documents\iMagic Inventory\Templates

Regards, John
iMagic Soft Support
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