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FAQ for iMagic Inventory

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:26 am    Post subject: FAQ for iMagic Inventory Reply with quote

Frequently Asked Questions for iMagic Inventory

What is iMagic Inventory?
It is an inventory software solution for small and medium sized businesses. Handling inventory management, stock movement, customer and invoice management.

What do I do if I have a sales or support question?
Please feel free to post your questions or comments here on the support website.

What do I receive when I purchase iMagic Inventory?
You'll be emailed "key details" that when you enter into the trial version will convert it to the full version. This means that you don't have to wait for a CD to arrive. We do however mail out a CD just-in-case you need to reinstall for some reason.

You'll also receive 1 year of updates and support. We release updates on a regular basis with comments from users and any bug fixes. You can download updates from within iMagic Inventory by selecting Help/Check Web for Updates.

After 1 year you can *optionally* renew updates and support. 1 user is currently $49 for another year.

I downloaded the demo version of iMagic Inventory. When I purchase the will I have to re-enter any information?
No information is lost! After purchase just enter in your key details into the demo version and it will convert to the full version.

Can I have many users using iMagic Inventory?
Yes! You'd need an appropriate licence, the options are available on our website:

You'd need to configure iMagic Inventory for multiple users. To do this you'd need to get the system to connect to the same database on the network. You'd do this as:

    1) Install iMagic Inventory on the PC that you want to be the "server", this will then hold the central database. You'd usually want this to be the fastest PC you have.

    2) Still on the server, find the database folder, to do this launch iMagic Inventory and from the main menu select Help/About and then click "Database". Navigate to this folder and right click and choose the Sharing option. You'll need to give this share "Full Access".

    3) Install iMagic Inventory onto the other PCs (workstations) that you want to use, don't launch it just yet.

    4) Now you need to tell each workstation where the new database folder is, this is the share you created above. To do this select Start/Program Files/iMagic Inventory/Network Administration. Follow the wizard and enter in the share that you created previously.

    5) Now when you launch iMagic Inventory on the workstations it will connect to the central database on the server.

How can I change the currency setting used?
iMagic Inventory uses whatever currency is set in Windows.

To change the currency in Windows:
1) Press Start/Settings/Control Panel.
2) Select Regional Options.
3) Select the Currency Tab.
4) Change the Currency Symbol and Decimal Symbol to your currency and click OK.

iMagic Inventory will now use your currency.

How much does iMagic Inventory cost?
The latest pricing can be found from the Purchase link on our website:

What is the maximum number of items that can be used?
The upper limit depends on the speed of your PC, available RAM etc. A typical PC should be able to deal with 20,000 items or more. A more powerful PC can handle many times more.

I'm quite happy with my pencil and notepad why should I use a computer instead?
There are many advantages to using a computer rather than manually working things out. The computer should save you time by automating common tasks, this will reduce effort and free up time for other tasks.

What support is offered?
Support is available on this support forum. We aim to answer any questions within 24 hours.

Can I download the software rather than wait for postage?
There is no need to wait for postal delivery. After purchase you'll be emailed a "registration key", when you enter this into the downloaded version it will convert to the full version. We do also mail out a CD, just in case you need to reinstall in the future, there is no charge for the CD.

Can I use a barcode scanner with iMagic Inventory?
Yes. Just about any modern barcode scanner can be used. Many computer shops sell reasonably priced barcode scanners. You might even want to look online at places like Amazon. You'll want one that "scans into the keyboard buffer".

Can I create barcode labels?
Yes. From the main menu select Reports/Barcodes. You can print many common barcode types to any standard printer.

What reports are available?
Commonly used reports built into the system, such as sales, customers, vendor and inventory reports. iMagic Inventory is also compatible with MS Access, so most reporting applications can be used to create custom reports. You can also export details to Excel for even more options.

For receiving stock, is the amount automatically increased?
Yes. iMagic Inventory will record the number of items ordered. When they arrive you'd simply select the order and mark them as arrived. This will then automatically update the stock levels.

When I add stock to an invoice is the stock level updated?
Yes. When you add an items the number in stock is updated accordingly.

How do I backup iMagic Inventory?
To manually backup select from the main menu select File/Backup Database. To automatically backup you'd want to schedule your backup service to backup the "database file", this is called db.mdb. To find the database folder select Help/About and click "Database".

To restore from the backup, copy the database file back into the database folder.

How can I stop the rounding of currency values entered? Say I want to enter $0.0237, it rounds it to $0.02.
The number of decimal places is set by Windows. To adjust this setting select Start/Configure/Control Panel and then Regional Settings and then click on the Currency tab. You can then set the the number of decimal places you'd like.

Do you offer a version of iMagic Inventory for use with Microsoft SQL Server?
Yes. If you own Microsoft SQL Server you might like to look at iMagic Inventory for SQL Server:
iMagic Soft Support
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