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Tropical Breeze
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Post by Tropical Breeze »

I am in need of reservation software and have a few questions.
1) Can we do payments such as Visa? If yes will it be on my merchant account?
2) Can I do direct bookings from my website?
3) Can I run Muti Terminals

I am sure I have more but its a start.

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Post by imagicsupport »

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the post.

Yes you can run multiple users at the same time, please see the FAQ entry on setting this up: ... tipleusers

At present we don't have an option to directly charge a CC from within iMagic Tour, you'd need to process the payment with a terminal.

We are looking at integrating web bookings into iMagic Tour, but unfortunately this isn't ready yet.

Regards, Jon
iMagic Soft Support
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