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Online booking

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Hi. I am checking out the trial version of the kennel software. I like it so far, but my main reason for wanting software is for online booking. I was trying to set that up and I don't know what it is wanting. It asks me to upload a web page. When I agree I want to do that it opens a window to save it on my computer with the window to type a name in. I'm not sure what it is wanting in that window, but no matter what I put, it says it is invalid. What am I supposed to do there, or is it because I haven't purchased it yet. I want to make sure it works the way I want before I buy it. Thanks!
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Hi Barbara,

You should have two options, I think you'd want the SuperOop option. So:

1) Select Web Bookings/Configure Web Bookings, click Next to go through the welcome screen.
2) Change the "Service Provider" to "SuperOop", click Next.
3) If you don't have a username/password yet (which it would appear you don't) then click on the "Create Account" button and follow the instructions on screen to create a username/password. Enter the username/password in iMagic Kennel and click Next.
4) Click Finish. It will then ask if you want to generate a web page, click Yes and save the file.
5) You can then upload the file to your website so that visitors can enter in online bookings.


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