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Reservation App

Post by Fazzazerin »

Hey Jon,

My boss just got his wife an Ipad for Christmas and he was asking me if it where possible to put the reservation software on it. I know not at the moment we cant but have you ever thought of creating a mobile business app for it. I don't think any other reservation software out there has it, we where thinking it would be awesome if say we had the ipad checking in guests at the bus and if any customers here on the strip that would just walk up and want to take the tour we would have the software readily available in hand. This would cut out the process of them having to call our office book the reservation, they would just pop up in the data base here at the office.
Let me know what you think.

Thanks Doug
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Post by imagicsupport »

Hey Doug,

If you have a Tablet PC then you can do this already. You'd just connect to the central office via a "Virtual Private Network" and then connect to the database as normal.

As for specifically an iPad it's unlikely unless someone wants a custom update.

Regards, Jon
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