Exporting reservations for a particular trip

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Exporting reservations for a particular trip

Post by skaufman »

Have version 1.8 and when we try to export the reservations (manifest) for a particular trip the computer freezes as I try to save the file. I can then cannot export to excel.

Can anyone help

Many thanks

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Post by imagicsupport »

Hi Stephen,

A few things to try.. If you launch Task Manager and click the Performance tab. Then perform an export and see if the CPU usage is at 100%, it could be that it's actually exporting but taking longer than you'd assume. Windows will sometimes show tasks like this as "Not Responding" when they are actually working.

If this is the case then just try leaving it for a while and see if it finishes.

Another option is to maybe try updating the newer version, as there are bug fixes/updates and so on that may resolve it.

Regards, Jon
iMagic Soft Support
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